Hello! This is Albert Martínez.

Welcome to my oficial webpage. Here you will find a lot of information about me, what I studied, my work and some stories as a meteorologist at Univision Dallas in Texas

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This is what I did.

Until now.


I was born in a small town on top of a hill among Lleida plain surrounded by fields and trees.


I studied Physics and then I got a Degree in Geography by the University of Barcelona with the specility of Climatology and Physical Geography.


After an internship at TV3 I worked at GUM FM and then during 1 year at Grup Flaix where I found out that I like to work in media.


I worked during 5 years at RTVE (radio televisión española) as a meteorologist at Canal 24 horas, La 1, La 2 and Teledeporte.


Since 2013 I am the chief meteorologist at Univision Dallas (Texas) for 5pm and 10 pm shows from Monday to Friday. I also do severe weather coverage and weather explanation topics on air.


I won 2 Emmys: 1 for a special report about Tornados and another for a Weather Promo. I also was nominated for a special report about drought in Texas.

These are some of my stuff.

Severe weather coverage, weathercasts, science and special reports.

En las nubes

We go inside a cloud to explain lighthing formation.

Resumen diario

Weathercast from Noticias 23 and special weather coverage.

El sol

We go into a drop of rain to explain what is light.

Vive verde 2014

Univision campain to promote environtment care at school.

do you want to talk? here I am...